Is Your Project Overwhelming?

This is the year to take all your life experiences, skills, and talents and parlay them into a new career, a piece of art, or a new business that delivers what people need right now.

Last year it seemed as though many of our dreams got deferred. But here’s the good news: you’ve had a lot of time to think about what’s next for you.

Now let's get it done!

It's time to create that project you've been thinking about for so long now.

The first step is to focus precisely on what you want to do to feel confident you are taking the right action. If you aren't clear on what you want, you will find this guide helpful. It walks you through some critical questions to ask yourself to define your project.

Now that you know what you want, all the ideas and tasks needed to accomplish your goal can feel overwhelming.

As America's most respected life coach for almost two decades, I've been helping clients think through their projects, put them into manageable pieces, and sustain the enthusiasm to complete them.

Here is a process that has helped my clients take their ideas, get clear on the steps needed to achieve their dream, and put them into a manageable timeline. Doing this will help you evaluate all the steps required and see how long this might take you to finish.

Big hint: it always takes longer than you think. But if you do this, you'll go to bed each night knowing you are on track and you've done an excellent job each day.

You'll need three things for this project.

  1. a pen or pencil
  2. post-it notes
  3. a blank wall or window.
You can see how I explain this in the video.

Now to build your steps and timeline.

First, you will write out every step you can think of on post-it notes.

This activity will help you think through what will be needed to get you to the finish line. Like I say in the video, each step will likely bring up more things you'll have to do to complete that task.

For example, you may need to get funding, training, or help for your project. You will then write more notes on how to get them. Or you may need to start with researching how others have found these resources and support--write down each idea.

Next, on your wall or window: arrange, then re-arrange, all the notes into a logical timeline.

Lastly, you will put only a few tasks on each day in your planner to not feel overwhelmed with a huge to-do list each day.

Simple, but not easy. You'll have a lot of insightful questions come up as you go through this exercise. Comment below, and I'll answer them👇.

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America’s Most Respected Life Coach, endorsed by Harvard, Baylor, Martha Beck. Building a community of those enlightened through pain and exhilarated by purpose

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Tami Green

Tami Green

America’s Most Respected Life Coach, endorsed by Harvard, Baylor, Martha Beck. Building a community of those enlightened through pain and exhilarated by purpose

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